Engineered Art is the brain child of CAD draughtsman,
ex Motorsport Engineering student and total car nut, Dan Kozakewycz.

I originally started doodling engineering style illustrations around age 11, and at the age of 14 developed a deep interest in performance cars, specifically in the way that they worked and what made some better than others. At 20 I enrolled on a Motorsport Engineering course with Oxford Brookes university where I specialised in 3D design and mathematical modelling. Unfortunately with my graduation coinciding with the financial crash of 2008, I was unable to secure the design job I had been offered as a junior designer at a new sports car firm starting up in Surrey, as the business was not able to secure vital funding needed to create jobs.

Returning home to the Isle of Wight I took a CAD draughting job with a long standing local business offering CAD contracting services both locally worldwide. Five years later after making sure the drawings I produced for manufacturing process were always presented in the neatest fashion, the idea that engineering drawings could be more than just workshop documents was born and in 2013 I came up with the idea for a totally unique product as a retirement gift for the managing director, who had started and run the firm for over 30 years.

The idea was simple, take a template of one the company's in house drawings, and detail in an orthographic illustration of his cherished Austin Healey 3000 sports car and a selection of his favourite quotes, and have the artwork laser engraved on a metal plaque. The artwork was commissioned to be laser engraved on anodised aluminium by London based studio Cut Laser Cut, and the uniqueness and quality of the finished product made an immediate impact with everyone who saw it.

Two years on and following a successful Kickstarter campaign to fund the purchase of my own laser engraving equipment, I have now taken the Engineered Art concept on full time with my new venture, Black Art Graphics, producing high quality personalised gifts and keepsakes for technically minded petrolheads from my studio in Bembridge on the Isle of Wight.

Joining the team in early 2015, Oscar Ellis, a long term friend of mine who had been interested with the development of the idea right from the very beginning, happened to find himself out of employment at the same point I was launching Black Art Graphics as a full time business. Although coming from a somewhat different background (he is a fully qualified electrician) he considered that sitting at a desk learning to draw cars, write about cars and talk about cars with a good mate sounded far more appealing than sitting at home doing nothing, so he volunteered to come along and learn how to create the drawings with the hope that it might evolve into a full time job as the business progressed. One year on and Oscar's attention to detail mean that he is responsible for some of the most highly detailed illustrations in the Engineered Art catalogue!

Moving forwards, Black Art Graphics will be looking to take on more illustrators as well as production and marketing staff as the Engineered Art concept starts appearing in manufacturers official licensed merchandise lines.