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Laser Engraved Blueprint Art, custom made to match your pride and joy
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Engineered Art | Personalised Blueprint Plaques

Looking for unique wall art to decorate the walls of your dream garage?

Our personalised blueprint plaques are custom made to match your pride and joy, including a selection of information unique to your vehicle as a exclusive way to document your automotive history.

Since launching in 2015 we have created technical illustrations for over 350 vehicles, with new models being added every day.

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What is Engineered Art?
Engineered Art™ is the art of long term friends and car enthusiasts Dan Kozakewycz and Oscar Ellis. The initial concept for the Engineered Art™ was borne out of Dan's experience as a seasoned 3D CAD draughtsman and background in motorsport engineering, and a need for a unique gift for a retiring director. Oscar's background in engineering and lifelong passion for illustration and vehicles formed a perfect match and with a shared drive to leave the rat race and start their own business, the pair launched the Engineered Art™ product under the Black Art Graphics brand.

Read More [New About Us page to come, with details on the BAG story, plus new involvement from Dan Zeigler and Mitchell Frischer.]

Combining keen eyes for technical illustration with professional photography skills and in depth automotive knowledge, Dan and Oscar create original high definition blueprint illustrations from scratch, featuring in depth technical data that will capture the attention of any car enthusiast.

Each design starts with a photoshoot, featuring specialist equipment and a proprietary technique honed especially towards crafting the most highly detailed and authentic looking orthographic illustrations on the market.

Once created, our template drawings are tailored to match your vehicle before being laser etched on our signature brushed black aluminium plaques, creating the perfect keepsake to cherish long after you move on in your automotive adventure.
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Attention to detail is our speciality

Since inception our High Definition Orthographic™ illustrations have been unparalleled in the level of detail and accuracy, and thanks to an exclusive multi-stage engraving process the final products display exceptional brightness and clarity in the engraved detail.

Our constant dedication and drive to improve and elevate the quality of the Engineered Art™ product line permanently places us as the continued and exclusive industry leader in laser etched aluminium blueprint artwork, and has resulted with us working with brands such as Aston Martin, McLaren Automotive, Lotus Cars and Ford. In addition we have also worked with numerous privateer race teams and independent dealerships looking for unique, high quality products to gift to their sponsors and customers.
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No hidden surprises | Everything Included
The Engineered Art™ product is intended to be a complete gift solution, as such each wall mount plaque comes with a frameless wall mount kit, the kit locations marked on the rear of the plaque for your convenience. Our smaller desktop plaques include a pair of acrylic feet, making them a simple addition to any desk or display cabinet!

All products come in a premium foam lined presentation box, and worldwide shipping is included on all orders over £99.

The only thing you have to worry about, is where to display your unique blueprint plaque so it can grab the most attention!
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Technical Series | Our flagship design
Featuring an in depth technical specification that will intrigue even the most knowledgeable enthusiast and numerous personalisation options to fine tune the artwork to suit your car, our Technical Series designs have found homes in some of the most impressive garages on the planet.

Available as a standard or personalised product, choose from one of four optional customisation packs to tailor it to suit your pride and joy!

Customisations Available:
  • Owners Name
  • VIN (Chassis Number)
  • Number plates
  • Date of purchase
  • Paint colour
  • Factory Options List
  • Aftermarket Modifications
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How does it work?

Step 1 | Choose your plaque size

A choice of four plaque sizes is available, from a desktop 12 x 8" piece up to a 33 x 23" wall dominator!
  • Desktop 11.7 x 8.3" (A4) - £99 ($130 USD)
  • Small 16.5 x 11.7" (A3) - £149 ($200 USD)
  • Standard 23.0 x 16.5 (A2) ($335 USD)
  • Large 33.0 x 23.0 (A1) ($665 USD)
All prices include FREE US SHIPPING!

Step 2 | Choose customisation package

Make it yours by personalising the design with one of our customisation packages!

What our customers have to say...

"Your art is even more amazing in person..."
"Ever since I found you guys a few years back I had hoped to purchase a piece from you. It was well worth the wait. Your art is even more amazing in person and now the only debate is what wall to hang it on. Thank you for bringing a unique piece of art to the marketplace for us gearheads! Many thanks from both myself and my BRZ!" - Ryan Stepan
"Perfect gift for a petrolhead!"
"Absolutely fantastic idea, I bought my partner a 370z plaque and he loves it! Especially all of the little customisations included to make it truly personal to him. I made an error in my original order and Black Art Graphics went over and beyond to help out, will definitely be using again and will recommend to anyone as a perfect gift for a petrolhead! Thanks again Dan :)" - Paige Murray
"Highly recommended!"
"Thank you for such a beautiful piece and getting it shipped to me so quickly! You all are awesome!! Highly recommended!" - Kourtney Trusty
"Exceptional customer service and Amazing product!"
"Absolutely Exceptional customer service and Amazing product, I love my Exige immortalised this way" - Richard Milns

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