2005-2011 Focus ST

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2005-2011 Focus ST Vehicle Blueprint (New) - 2015-2016 Mustang Vehicle Blueprint (New) - 2015-2016 Mustang 2005-2011 Focus ST

This product is original artwork created by Black Art Graphics and inspired by Ford, it is in no way official, sponsored or endorsed by Ford. The Ford and Focus ST names & logos and all associated distinctive designs are trademarks of Ford. 'Black Art Graphics', 'Engineered Art', the Black Art roundel logo, plaque design and general appearance of the product are trade dress of Black Art Graphics.

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Mk2 Focus Pre-Order Group Buy

If you're one of the people who's been waiting for an Engineered Art blueprint plaque for your Focus ST, the wait is almost over!

To add all four variants of the Mk2 ST we need 12 orders, and as part of this group buy we're offering our large format A2/A1 size plaques at a huge discount over list price! 

What is it / What will it look like?

The finished designs will be similar in appearance to the Mk3 ST pictured, each laser engraved aluminium plaque is personalised to your car by adding the number plates, VIN, date of purchase and paint colour. Each piece is presented in a premium quality presentation box and includes a wall mount kit which allows the plaque to be hung without the need for a frame. (After all, it would be a shame to stick a piece of machined aluminium in a frame and make it look like a cheap print...)

Can you add modifications?

We can add modifications and graphics/wraps however these may cost extra. Please contact us for a quote prior to ordering.

Sizes / Pricing

The plaques are available in A3, A2 or A1 sizes, priced at £175, £275* and £375* respectively. Prices include VAT and delivery. 

*Regular price for the A2/A1 plaques is £349/£499, grab a bargain today!