As some of you know, last week we made the trip down to Italy following a last minute invite to visit our friends at Pagani Automobili in Modena.

It was a massive honour to be invited to what could be described as Willy Wonka's chocolate factory for car guys, and made to feel absolutely at home there. While we can't divulge all the details of the trip, I am pleased to share a handful of photos taken in the museum. 

If you ever get the chance to visit this place, DO IT. The attention to detail on display is just incredible. 


Sadly, we weren't allowed to take any photos in the actual factory, but that was even more incredible. Having been to the McLaren Technology Centre on several occasions I was expecting a certain level of awesome, but Pagani take the concept of a factory to a whole new level.

Obviously, the cars on display in various stages of assembly are a fantastic sight, but the whole work floor is styled to look like a town square in Florence, with paved floors, brick archways, period lamp posts and even flower beds. 

Little details like walkways marked by carbon fibre strips recessed in to the tiled sections of floor are an awesome touch, and the BAG team were delighted to see even more large format technical drawings on display there. We were certainly starting to see why they had taken an interest in our work... 

Keep posted for more Pagani news coming soon!


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