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The Ultimate Personalised Automotive Gift

Engineered Art is a unique personalised gift perfect solution for manufacturers looking to maximise the customer experience for the individuals purchasing their

Each one of our heavyweight aluminium plaques is custom made and tailored to each customers individual vehicle and specification, including unique details such as the VIN, build date, options list and more.

Black Art Graphics offer a range of bespoke gifting solutions, choose your from the available options below to find out more about our work.

Delight Your Customers | Improve Referrals

Sales professionals working in the automotive sector know the importance of making their clients feel special. In an economy where even the process of purchasing a car is moving online, consumers have more choice than ever before. Today, being 'local' is not enough, instead consumers increasingly rely on social proof, the reviews and recommendations of their peers, to decide whether they choose to purchase a car from you rather than your competitor.

A personalised gift with the handover of a new vehicle is a great way to secure a fantastic relationship with your customer, by perfecting the crucial final moments of a customers new vehicle collection. Done right, these closing moments are key to developing a long lasting positive impresssion of your brand, whilst also garnering favourable reviews and recommendations from friends, family and, increasingly important in today's social media driven world, followers.

Our Mission | Your customer experience

Our mission is to improve your sales through exceptional customer experiences, delivered to your valued clients in the form of high quality personalised gifts like no other.

Our team will work with you on a tailor made luxury gift solution that fits your brand identity, customer expectations and budget.

When you want your gift to make an impact, think 'Engineered Art'.

Get Involved | Request a Product Sample Today

Each Engineered Art plaque is designed and manufactured with the highest levels attention to detail at our UK studio on the Isle of Wight. To appreciate the tactile feel of our cool aluminium and find out how Black Art Graphics can help you deliver not just a new car, but the very best your brand has to offer, please register for our Dealership Gifting Program below. One of our team will be in touch to discuss your requirements and arrange a product sample.

Engineered Art | In Motion

Motorsport Programs | Thank and Reward

Black Art Graphics are specialists in helping motorsport teams thank their sponsors, reward their team members and engage fans with unique gifting and merchandise solutions.

Speak to us today about what we can do for your team.

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