Black Art Graphics [the seller] offer a limited money back guarantee, subject to the following terms and conditions...

Prior to any refund being agreed, the seller will attempt to make good on any orders delivered in an unsatisfactory condition at no additional charge to the customer in the following situations:

  1. Damaged presentation box
  2. Damaged plaque
  3. Faulty or missing wall mount kits or stands.
  4. Artwork errors originating as a fault of the manufacturing process.

Black Art Graphics will not honour refunds or replacement claims based on any of the following:

  1. Artwork errors which were present on the final proof copy approved by the customer.
  2. Marks on the edges of the plaques. Although our suppliers keep them as small as possible, the clamp marks on the edges of the plaques are a manufacturing artefact from the electrolysis process and cannot be fully eradicated.

If for whatever reason you are not happy with your purchase, you may return it within 14 days of purchase for a full refund, subject to the following conditions:

  1. Products must be returned as delivered, with full retail packaging, literature and included brackets and/or stands. 
  2. Return postage fees are the sole responsibility of the customer. Black Art Graphics will not be held accountable for any loss or damage incurred in transit.
  3. Deductions will be made for goods returned in a damaged state. To avoid any disputes, please ensure returns are adequately packaged, and insured up to their full value.
  4. Wall mount kits must remain unused. Once the kit has been affixed to the back of the plaque, it can no longer be recycled, as such any products returned with the fitting kit affixed to the rear of the plaque will be refused a refund and your product will be returned to you subject to a return shipping fee being paid.