1. Caterham R500

Although probably not what you'd class as a traditional supercar, there is no doubting that the bonkers R500 has supercar slaying potential and that DNA runs right down to the core of it's powertrain. 

Co-developed with Minster Racing Engines, Caterham took the venerable 1.8 litre Rover K Series into the laboratory and tortured it on the test bed, pushing it to the limits until it committed fiery suicide. Once they knew the absolute limit, they cranked it down half a notch so that it didn't quite explode, and fitted it in the 500kg 7 chassis to create the R500.

Producing and incredible 230bhp out of a theoretical maximum of 248bhp, nothing short of pure race engines, running on the absolute ragged edge of performance.

Surprisingly, despite the astonishing headline figure, neither of our two core parameters are maxed out. With 155lbft from 1.8 litres the specific torque is 'only' 85lbft/litre and with 24.4m/s at it's 9200rpm redline it actually ranks 8th for piston speed. 

With an NA PI of 927 the Rover K Series takes the crown as the most highly tuned NASP engine ever fitted to a production car. A record that is, sadly, unlikely to ever be broken as natural aspiration enters it's twilight years. #sadface

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