7. Honda S2000

No 'Worlds greatest NASP engines' list would be complete without at least one Honda, so it's no surprise that the S2000 makes it into this one!

Now, I know we all like to rip Honda's for their lack of torque, and with 153lbft from 2 litres the S2000 does admittedly have one of the lowest specific torque figures to make the leaderboard at 77lbft, but all joking aside that is still a very impressive figure, especially given the age of the engine now.

Predictably, the piston speed is up there with the best, it's 86mm crank firing the pistons up and down the bores at 25.2m/s at it's 9000rpm redline.

With 240bhp out of a theoretical maximum of 287, the S2000 comes in at number 7 with an NA PI of 818. 

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