1987-1992 F40

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This product is original artwork created by Black Art Graphics and inspired by Ferrari, it is in no way official, sponsored or endorsed by Ferrari. The Ferrari and F40 names & logos and all associated distinctive designs are trademarks of Ferrari. 'Black Art Graphics', 'Engineered Art', the Black Art roundel logo, plaque design and general appearance of the product are trade dress of Black Art Graphics.

£199 to £599 (Approx $265 - $820 USD) FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING!

A highly detailed orthographic technical illustration of the 1987-1992 Ferrari F40, featuring a comprehensive technical specification.

Make it yours!

Add your license plates, VIN, paint code, date of registration and options list and no additional charge. (Vehicle details are requested by email once your order is confirmed)

Modifications can be included on A2 and A1 size plaques, additional charges may apply for heavily customised vehicles.

Please note that the image provided here is just a sample, each piece is made to order and personalised to match your vehicle!

Presentation is everything...

All orders ship in a premium foam lined presentation box, for the ultimate unboxing experience. A frameless wall mounting solution is included, with the fitting kit locations etched onto the reverse of the plate for your convenience.

Free personalisation

Each piece is made to order, allowing you to add details specific to your car such as license plates, VIN, paint code and date of purchase. Please select the personalised option from the drop down menu below when ordering, the vehicle details will be requested by email once your order is confirmed.

Proof copy

Worried that the template image shown here doesn't quite match your car? Don't worry, you'll received a proof copy to check we've got your details correct, our team will make changes you advise to ensure that you are 100% happy with the artwork before we go to manufacture.

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