2. Lamborghini Huracan Performante


Lamborghini have been setting a number of records with their incredible Huracan Performante, and that is due in no small part to it's frankly incredible engine. Yes, technically it's the same 5.2 litre V10 Audi engine as we just looked at in the R8, but in this configuration they manage to squeeze yet more power out of it.

Although a slightly lower redline of 8000rpm gives a small drop in piston speed to 24.7m/s, the torque is up from 413lbft to 443lbft for a specific torque of 84lbft/litre which more than compensates.

With 631bhp out of a possible 692bhp, the Huracan Performante lands in 2nd position with an NA PI of 914.

Next up is the grand finale, the most highly tuned NASP engine ever fitted to a production car...

With the other contenders in the list you might be forgiven for assuming it would be yet another European supercar, yet the engine to actually claim the top spot may come as a surprise, for it is in fact none other than a plucky 4 cylinder Brit...

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